Buy a property

If you are considering buying a house, apartment, apartment, etc.. in Mallorca, I will help you to find it. I know that buying a property, even if it is for living or investing, takes time and if you do not know the local market or you do not live in the island, it can be difficult.

I will give you advise to buy at a good price, ensuring the regularity of the operation and defending your interests.


Single contact

You will speak with only one partner throughout the research process, so you do not have to worry about anything.

Extensive experience

With my knowledge of the market and my network of professionals and partners we will convert your desires into a concrete project.

Save time and money

We will look the property thay best fits your demand and economic possibilities.

Legal security

I will go along with you in all operational phases to provide complete legal and legal security.


We will work together to transform your desires into a concrete project:

  1. Defining your demand
  2. Preparation of a draft
  3. Planning and organization
  4. Accompaniment
  5. Negotiating and drafting agreements
  6. Follow signs to the notarial
  7. After sales service